Free Keene News - Monadnock Students Speak Out Against Oppressive Silence Campaign

As you know if you've been reading the blog over the last few months, school outreach events have been taking place at Monadnock Regional High School - much to the chagrin of some administrators and students, who don't believe in free speech. They believe that you need to ask permission from your betters prior to speaking. (This is one thing they teach you in government school.) The anti-speech students, ostensibly on their own, have come up with a campaign of oppression to discourage their peers from taking information from freedom-loving activists - they call the campaign "Remain Respectfully Silent". Recently, they have hung signs in the school hallways featuring the slogan. Thankfully, some in the school support free speech and have made signs to counter the oppressors. Since it would have looked really bad for them to say no, admins approved the students' signage. It's crystal clear that the side of liberty and free speech is the right message, which is why the oppressors have resulted to taking the low road.

While I was writing this article, I saw an update from MRHS student Hayden relating that someone has taken down her "Speak your mind" poster, within the first day of it being hung. It seems she struck a chord!