Kevin Smith Announces Second Round of Grassroots Supporters

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire, announced a second round of grassroots supporters for his campaign less than one month after his first announcement of public backers.

“Everywhere I go, I’m met with great enthusiasm and support,” said Smith. “Voters are responding positively to me, because more than any other candidate – Republican or Democrat – I’ve been willing to offer specific ideas to strengthen New Hampshire, create an environment that will foster real job growth, and make our state an economic leader in the region. After the last eight years, people are thirsty for leadership and that is what I’m offering.”

Smith added,“I’m so very grateful for the individuals who are willing to show their public support for my campaign. Over the course of this campaign we will continue to grow our organization. New Hampshire’s greatest asset is her people – that is where we set ourselves apart – and I’m meeting and earning the support from great people all over this state. Together, we can move New Hampshire forward and regain our state’s economic advantage.”

Smith noted that the individuals comprising this latest list of grassroots supporters represent virtually every region of the state, and among them include entrepreneurs, legislators, political leaders and activists, law enforcement and veterans.

Jane Lane of Keene, former long time officer of the National Federation of Republican Women, said, “More than ever, New Hampshire needs a fresh face with fresh ideas. If we are to ever break from the status quo and the stale politics of the past, we need a governor who can bring a new and energetic approach to government. Kevin Smith is the right person at the right time to offer new solutions to address the challenges facing New Hampshire today, and to provide the long-term vision necessary to move the state forward.”

Renee and Dan Plummer of Portsmouth said, “We are supporting Kevin, because he understands and is focused on the issues that are truly important to voters and the business community. He’s shown a willingness to engage and listen to employers and those of us who have been working very hard to make New Hampshire an attractive place in which to live and do business. Kevin has also shown initiative in promoting specific ideas that will only make our state stronger and more competitive.”

Police Chief Richard Crate of Enfield said, “I am proud to support Kevin Smith for Governor. Kevin is not your typical politician. Kevin is an honest, hardworking and grounded person. He is the person we need to lead New Hampshire through these difficult economic times.” 


Scott Ayen                              Newport                     Sullivan

Bob Bird                                 Wolfeboro                  Carroll

Jerry Bird                               Mason                         Hillsborough

Susan Bird                             Mason                         Hillsborough

William Carlisle                     Londonderry             Rockingham

Melissa Carlisle                      Londonderry             Rockingham

Katie Chapman                     Litchfield                    Hillsborough

Devin Chapman                    Litchfield                    Hillsborough

Chief Richard A. Crate, Jr.     Enfield                        Grafton

Matthew Despins                  Manchester                Hillsborough

Rep. James Devine                Sandown                    Rockingham

Kaye Doyle                             Londonderry             Rockingham

Dick Doyle                              Londonderry             Rockingham

Rep. Jack Flanagan                Brookline                    Hillsborough

Linda Frawley                        Belmont                      Belknap

Joan Fulton                            Litchfield                    Hillsborough

Jaimie Gagne                          Milan                          Coos

Erik Gagne                             Milan                          Coos

Bruce Goodwin                      Bow                             Merrimack

Jennifer Horn                                    Nashua                       Hillsborough

David Kutcher                       Bristol                         Grafton

Lorraine Kutcher                  Bristol                         Grafton

Jane Lane                               Keene                         Cheshire

Arto Leino                              Keene                         Cheshire

Larry Litchfield                      Laconia                       Belknap

Patti Litchfield                       Laconia                       Belknap

Rob Lotito                               Keene                         Cheshire

Mike McLaughlin                   Holderness                 Grafton

Sandra            Metaxotos                 Merrimack                 Hillsborough

Nick Metes                             Manchester                Hillsborough

Dan Morehouse                     Deering                      Hillsborough

Linda Morehouse                  Deering                      Hillsborough

Melanie Neily                         Litchfield                    Hillsborough

Kara Obey                              Newbury                    Merrimack

Kevin Olson                           Derry                          Rockingham

Alain Palmieri                        Keene                         Cheshire

Karen Peitz                            Center Ossipee          Carroll

Michelle Pillsbury                 Manchester                Hillsborough

Dan Plummer                                    Portsmouth                Rockingham

Renee Riedel-Plummer        Portsmouth                Rockingham

Janet M. Quilty                       Francestown              Hillsborough

David Ross                             Hooksett                     Merrimack

Donald Rowan                       Wakefield                   Carroll

Deborah Rowan                    Wakefield                   Carroll

Peter Smith                            Manchester                Hillsborough

Meg Stone                              Manchester                Hillsborough

Aimee Taylor                         Bedford                      Hillsborough

Dennis            Taylor                        Bedford                      Hillsborough

Paul Therrien                                    Windham                   Rockingham

Earl Whitaker                                    Exeter                         Rockingham

Danielle Winters                   Hales Location           Carroll