NH-GOV: Maggie Hassan for Governor Announces Veteran Democratic Activist Chaz Proulx as Grassroots Co-Chair

EXETER, NH – Maggie Hassan for Governor today announced longtime Democratic activist Chaz Proulx as one of the campaign’s Grassroots Co-Chairs. Proulx is a veteran of Carol Shea-Porter’s campaigns for Congress and will help the Hassan campaign organize grassroots support in Rockingham County and in the netroots community.  Proulx announced his endorsement today on BlueHampshire.com, joining Rep. Jennifer Daler (D-Temple) as a co-chair of Hassan’s Grassroots committee. 

In his endorsement, Proulx wrote “I was immediately impressed by her and my respect has only grown over the years. Maggie has a huge intellect and a huge heart to compliment it… She's a fighter who gets thing done without burning bridges.  What tops it all off is her genuine commitment to her community, state and country. When speaking about public service she is inspired and inspiring. These are critical attributes in this year's gubernatorial race.”

Recently, Patch.com remarked that “Exeter's Maggie Hassan appears to have one of the most organized campaigns so far in the race for NH governor.” The Hassan campaign previously announced grassroots steering committees for Merrimack and Hillsborough County.

Last week, the Women’s Campaign Fund endorsed Maggie Hassan.  WCF President Sam Bennett said, “Governors play a key role in protecting women and families from far-reaching, extremist attacks on women’s health.  With two pro-choice governors retiring this year, Maggie’s election is all the more critical for WCF. If elected, she would be the only pro-choice female governor in the country. The stakes are too high to sit on the sidelines for this race.”