Americans Elect releases “Ask the Politician” iPhone App

Americans Elect 2012 

Free download launched on eve of group’s participation at
South by Southwest conference in Texas

WASHINGTON, D.C., MARCH 5, 2012 — Americans Elect, the first national online presidential primary, today announced the release of its iPhone app, “Ask the Politician,” which allows users to ask a politician questions on any subject and receive a video response. While users might not get a straight answer to their question, they’ll definitely get an answer as the politician first pretends to listen and then waffles, dodges and dances around the topic at hand.

Americans Elect launched the iPhone app on the eve of its participation at South by Southwest, the popular music, film and interactive conference that begins March 9 in Austin, Texas, where the group is an Interactive Awards Finalist for its groundbreaking work building the first online presidential nominating convention at

The smartphone and tablet application is free and available for download now at the iTunes Store by clicking here: An Android version of the application will be released shortly. The application includes the following iTunes description:

“Got a question for a politician? Now you can “Ask the Politician” anything you want and while he might not give you a straight answer, you’ll definitely get an answer. And if you get tired of the same old responses, you can always sign up for Americans Elect and help pick a third choice for president in 2012. Politicians like him will say anything until we do something. So download the app now and see if you can get a straight answer!”

Americans Elect is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that will host the first-ever online nominating convention for a presidential candidate this June at The nominee who emerges will be required to choose a vice presidential running mate from the opposite party, and together that ticket will appear on the ballot next to the Democratic and Republican candidates in all 50 states in November.

To date, Americans Elect has gained ballot access in 17 states and collected nearly 2.5 million of the 2.9 million signatures of registered voters required for national ballot access. Americans Elect is leveraging the power of technology to open up the political process, giving both candidates and voters the ability to participate like they never have before. At Americans Elect, every voter's voice is heard, regardless of party affiliation. All registered voters are encouraged to become a delegate by signing up at, where they can directly nominate a presidential candidate who will answer to the people and not the parties.



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