Jackie Cilley, Democratic candidate for Governor, urging support for today's rally on Women’ s Health

“This is an issue of protecting women’s health care.  This shouldn’t be about anyone’s campaign or political grandstanding.  Reproductive access to contraception is bipartisan issue and a concern to both men and women.

Radicals in the current New Hampshire legislature are not just turning back the clock on a dozen years of bipartisan support for a law that guarantees women have access to contraception. They insist on trying to overturn long-standing NH laws and creating new barriers to basic freedoms for women rather than creating jobs and improving NH schools. 

The proposal to allow eliminating insurance coverage for reproductive health care and contraception is more extreme than any similar proposal anywhere in the country. 

I’ll be standing with other men and women from around our state to say “ENOUGH” to Concord politicians.  Tell them to leave our health care alone and get to work fixing our economy, creating the jobs they promised us and improving our schools. 

I am personally encouraging all men and women, of any political persuasion, who support women’s access to affordable reproductive health care and contraception to attend tomorrow’s rally.”