NH Council of Churches - Public Policy Action Alert - MORATORIUM ON REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT


We received this alert from Bob Kay at Lutheran Social Services:




15 out of 16 members of the NH House of Representatives committee on Municipal and County Government said "No" and voted overwhelmingly to kill HB 1405, which would have allowed cities and towns in New Hampshire to stop refugee resettlement in their communities. You can read the entire majority opinion, along with the minority opinion written by the sole supporter of the bill, by following this link -




Scroll down to March 7 Regular Calendar, Municipal and County Government


Many people testified, sent letters, or made calls speaking up against this bill, including those of you who receive this newsletter. This was very effective in convincing the committee members to say that this bill is "Inexpedient to Legislate."


However, it could still become law!  Even with this flat-out rejection of a moratorium, a powerful and influential minority have a shot at getting this bill passed into law through a lot of arm twisting and by bringing it for a full House vote during the regular legislative session this Wednesday, March 8.


I ask you, therefore, please call your NH State representatives immediately and ask that they uphold the committee recommendation "Inexpedient to Legislate" when the Refugee Moratorium bill, HB 1405, comes up for a vote in the full House this  Wednesday.


A telephone call to your representatives' home phones is the most effective way to communicate your concerns, even if that only results in a message left on an answering machine. Please do so as soon as you can - the vote will come in just a couple of days.


Find your representatives and their home phone numbers on the NH House web site