Says He's Not Surprised Given Her Record of Championing Such Issues During Her Tenure in the State Senate

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire, commented on Maggie Hassan's press conference which highlighted her campaign agenda to make socials issues her top priority while making no mention of how she plans to grow jobs in New Hampshire:

“It is very unfortunate that Maggie Hassan is choosing to jump start her campaign by obsessing about social issues when so many New Hampshire citizens are still looking for work."

"Since I announced my candidacy for Governor in November, I have been on the campaign trail nearly every day, visiting business and talking to community leaders about my specific plan to create good high-paying sustainable jobs in New Hampshire and lure other companies in from out-of-state.  Too many young folks are leaving our state after they graduate, while too many of our citizens have to travel out-of-state just to find a good high-paying job and that is unacceptable.  These are the real issues Maggie ought to be talking about, but unfortunately she is not."

"Instead, Maggie wants to make this a campaign, not about jobs, but about contraception.  Give me a break.  New Hampshire has a proud tradition of separation of church and state, and as such, most reasonable people agree that the state should not compel religious organizations to pay for services that violate tenants of those organization's beliefs - and that is where this discussion should begin and end."

"If Maggie wants to continue to obsess about socials issues for the next nine months though, she can have at it.  Frankly, I'm not surprised given her record of championing these issues during her tenure in the state senate.  I look forward though to continuing to talk to the folks who are out of work or are trying to grow their business about my plans to bring high-paying jobs to the state while making New Hampshire the most economically competitive state in the country."