NH Republicans Continue Efforts to Enact Voter ID Law

Chairman MacDonald: “It’s absurd that so many Democrats continue to claim no problem exists.”

Concord, NH – Today, Republicans in the New Hampshire State Senate continued the GOP’s repeated efforts to prevent voter fraud.  Led by Senator Russell Prescott, R-Kingston, the Senate passed a plan that would require a form of identification in order to obtain a ballot.  This action comes after Governor John Lynch vetoed a Republican plan last year that would have prevented the voter fraud which was reported during the presidential primary. 

“Voters are rightly outraged by the reports of voter fraud during our First-in-the-Nation Primary,” said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald.  “The fact that Governor Lynch vetoed a plan that would have prevented this is a shame, especially considering the fact that more than thirty states already have similar voter ID requirements on the books.”

In January of this year, the New Hampshire Republican State Committee adopted a resolution stating its “strong opposition to continued efforts by Democrat legislators and the Governor to defeat legislation requiring voters to present photo identification in order to register and vote in New Hampshire.”  More than thirty states, both blue and red, already have identification requirements on the books, including Democrat-controlled states such as Connecticut and Rhode Island. 

“It’s absurd that so many Democrats continue to claim no problem exists,” Chairman MacDonald added.  “Despite Democrats best efforts to preserve the status quo and the potential undermining of legitimate votes, Republicans remain committed to passing a voter ID law which protects the integrity of our elections and ensures that voters get to exercise one of their most fundamental rights.”