NHDP - NH House Republicans Continue Assault on Women's Rights.

Today, Speaker O'Brien and his cadre of out of touch followers continued proving to Granite State voters that they have no idea what priorities New Hampshire citizens want their government to focus on. By a 196 to 150 vote, House Republicans decided to severely restrict thousands of women's access to low cost contraception.


"Despite pledging to voters last November that they would be focusing on jobs, they instead seem intent on turning the calendar back decades on basic issues on health care," said New Hampshire Democratic Chair Ray Buckley. "Their anti-women agenda has even gone so far that both Republicans that have announced they are running for Governor have seen the need to distance themselves from House leadership."


"Voters in New Hampshire are going to notice when noted conservatives are calling one of Bill O'Brien's prized pieces of legislation too extreme,' said Buckley. "Perhaps House Republicans should refocus their efforts back on jobs, like they had promised, and not interfering with a women's health care decisions."