Remarks by Jackie Cilley, Democratic candidate for governor, at today's Day of Action for Women's Health

March 7th, 2012

(Concord – March 7th, 2012) I am honored today to be part of the Day of Action for Women's Health, and proud to join the hundreds of other women and men at the State House Plaza who've come out to protest the War on New Hampshire's Women.

Today, we're here to stand up for the freedom of women and their doctors to make healthcare decisions without interference from politicians and bureaucrats. We're here because unfortunately, rather than creating jobs and improving our schools, this legislature insists on trying to overturn long-standing  and bipartisan NH laws and restricting basic freedoms for women. This legislature, which promised to focus on education and job-creation, continues to ignore the state's real needs and instead focus on a narrow, right-wing social agenda.

Radicals in the current New Hampshire legislature are not just turning back the clock on a dozen years of bipartisan support for a law that guarantees women have access to contraception.  This proposal is so poorly written that ANY employer at ANY time could for ANY reason drop reproductive care from their employees' insurance. Today, we raise our voices against these continuing attacks on the women of New Hampshire, including the removal of adequate protections against domestic violence and House Resolution 29.

I’m standing with men and women from around our state to say “ENOUGH” to Concord politicians.  Today we remind them to leave our health care alone and get to work fixing our economy, creating the jobs they promised us, and improving our schools.  

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