Statement from Gubernatorial Candidate Jackie Cilley regarding passage of House Bill 1546

Despite hundreds of men and women marching at the state house to stand up for women’s rights, the New Hampshire House in an appalling disregard for the voices of citizens has passed radical legislation restricting freedoms for women.

The bill passed – House Bill 1546 – could result in employers canceling existing birth control coverage for almost any reason. This is more extreme than any similar proposal anywhere in the country.  It turns back the clock on a dozen years of bipartisan support for a law that guarantees women have access to contraception, and all at the taxpayers' expense.

I am also appalled that Concord politicians are spending tax payer dollars telling New Hampshire citizens what they can and cannot do: They are telling doctors how to practice medicine, telling insurance companies they have to offer a new kind of policy, and even telling employers they have to make a basic choice for their employees. 

Instead of dismantling a bipartisan compromise that stood for a more than a decade, Speaker Bill O’Brien and the Republican majority in the House should be focused on creating jobs, developing our infrastructure and improving education for children.  It’s time for change in Concord.


Jackie Cilley for Governor