US Rep Bass: FCC Process Reform Will Give Job Creators Certainty to Invest and Grow Economy

WASHINGTON – Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) hailed approval of two bills in the House Energy and Commerce Committee this morning that will improve accountability and transparency at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by reforming procedures and reporting at the agency.  These much-needed process reforms will ensure the agency follows its own process rules and gives the American people ample time to review and comment on FCC proceedings.

This morning, the Committee passed the Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act (H.R. 3309) by a bipartisan vote of 31 to 16 and the Federal Communications Commission Consolidated Reporting Act (H.R. 3310) by a voice vote.

Bass, a member of the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, said:

“Today’s action moves us one step closer to improving the transparency, fairness, and consistency of this regulatory agency with oversight over telecommunications and technology, and will provide certainty to these markets that are so critical to our nation’s economic recovery and growth. 

“Establishing clear time frames for FCC action and requiring the FCC to perform a cost-benefit analysis before implementing new regulations will provide our nation’s small businesses and innovators with the regulatory certainty necessary to invest and create new jobs.”

The legislation now awaits approval by the full House of Representatives.