ALG's Daily Grind: The destructive web of government welfare

March 7, 2012

The destructive web of government welfare

Study: After receiving government subsidies, a single parent making just $20,000 a year makes more than a recent college graduate starting at $39,900.

Video: Give A Hoot And Don't Let The Government Shoot The Barred Owl!

The famous ad campaign asking Americans to "Give a hoot and don't pollute" featured a barred owl named "Woodsy." Now that owl's likeness is in danger due to environmental regulations.

Obama attempts to distract from Super Tuesday with a puppet show

Obama looked unprepared, ill-advised, and frankly just completely inadequate.

Green Pressure Groups Poised to Shut Down Production Even if Keystone Pipeline is Approved

Advocates for the West has adopted a shrewd and carefully calibrated legal strategy that has prevented such oil giants as ConocoPhillips and Imperial Oil from sending truckloads of heavy equipment through Idaho and Montana and into Alberta where it will be used to extract crude oil from the oil sands.