AUL - First Amendment Rights is a Winning Issue

Americans United for Life Takes Fight for Conscience Rights to the Grassroots


Americans United for Life Action scores key vote on First Amendment Conscience Rights, telling elected officials, “This issue counts for
life at the ballot box."

Americans United for Life President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest announced last week at a Capitol Hill news conference the first launch of a nationwide, educational campaign in support of the First Amendment Right of Conscience shared by all Americans. Dr. Yoest noted that the effort was vital because of  “the unprecedented attack by the Obama Administration on this fundamental right.” A centerpiece to the campaign is a video that explains how by forcing an abortion-inducing drug mandate on all Americans, the Obama Administration “has put the ‘Con’ in contraception.” Click here to watch the video.

A debate over First Amendment freedom of religion and rights of conscience has become tied up with implementation of Obamacare as the President and his administration are forcing all Americans to buy or provide insurance that includes life-ending drugs. Previously, organizations, such as hospitals run by churches, have been able to opt out of coverage of products and services (such as abortion) that violate their consciences. But no more.

“AUL testified several times as the Obama Administration was creating the guidelines that force all Americans to pay for life-ending drugs, asking for protection for people’s rights of conscience. But our concerns were ignored. Now the Obama Administration is putting the full force of the federal government behind its efforts to force funding and cooperation with the abortion industry,” said Dr. Yoest. “It is vital that people understand that unless something changes, they will no longer be able to say no to the agenda of any White House.”

Immediately upon release, the video drew attention, with House Speaker John Boeher tweeting about the project while NARAL attacked it. And reports of the educational effort started to gather media momentum.



Washington Post says Grassroots Focusing on Their
Loss of First Amendment Freedoms

On Thursday, members of the Senate attempted to protect the First Amendment Right of Conscience of all Americans with the Blunt Amendment, which would have restored the tradition of conscience protections. But the effort failed along mainly party lines.

According to the The Washington Post, however, the vote showed the power of this issue at the grassroots.

"I think this vote was notable in that almost all of the GOP conference stuck together,” said a Republican aide, noting that three Democrats joined them, “despite the amount of money spent on the other side and the extremely hyperbolic and misleading rhetoric that arose on this issue.” To read the entire Washington Post account, click here.

Calling the vote “a travesty,” Dr. Yoest said that Americans United for Life Action would be scoring the Blunt vote, as well as pending legislation in the House, as a life vote of national importance. And AULA will continue to work the issue in Congress as a top legislative priority.

"Across the country, outrage over forcing Americans to pay for an abortion-inducing drug mandate is growing,” said Dr. Yoest. “We will remember in November."


Life Counts in 2012 … and so do Votes


As part of AULA’s “Life Counts”campaign in 2012, a petition has been established so that “We The People” can call on all elected officials to protect the Constitution’s First Amendment Conscience Rights of all Americans … or seek other employment.

“AULA will ensure that this issue stays at the forefront of the voters’ minds because this fundamental freedom to choose life should not be denied,” said Dr. Yoest. “This issue is a game changer, and this campaign will continue through November.”

Click here to sign the petition and to see other actions that can be taken to protect Life.

In the News

Americans United for Life … “a major architect of state-level anti-choice laws”

Backhanded compliment from the left-leaning Salon.

Meanwhile, other issues were a play across the country, including:

From the Washington Times and featured on the Drudge Report:

Article Titled: “Obama defunds ‘snowflake babies’” reporting that “the federal government’s only program aimed at preventing the discarding of ‘extra’ frozen human embryos is itself in danger of being discarded.”

AUL attorney Mailee Smith (at right) weighed in with analysis and commentary. “Why would the Obama administration cut $2 million for adoption awareness, but keep $1 million a day for Planned Parenthood?” she asked. "What people disagree about is the solution for these embryos," she said, and if there is no support for embryo adoption, "what we're seeing is the elimination of the moral solution." To read more, click here.

At Life News:

AUL Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs William Saunders (below left) and AUL attorney Mailee Smith discuss the moral implication of killing children after they are born in an op-ed titled: “After-Birth Abortions and Infanticide, Where Does it End?”

“On February 23, two ‘ethicists’ published an article<n the Journal of Medical Ethics arguing for ‘after-birth abortion.’  In their words, ‘killing a newborn’ should be ‘permissible in all cases where abortion is [permissible], including cases where the newborn is not disabled.’ It’s hard to know what is more disturbing.  That two ‘ethicists’ would argue for the killing of newborns for any reason, or that a well-known journal would publish such a heinous suggestion.” To read more, click here.

In the Christian Post:

An article about AUL’s “A Year in the Life Report” on pro-life gains and predictions of trends in 2012, noting,  “A new report from Americans United for Life contends that Roe v. Wade is being overturned on a state by state basis through a growing number of pro-life legislation.” To read more, click here.


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