Political Headlines - March 8, 2012

Here are the top POLITICAL headlines from today: 



  • Romney lead big, but win is far off: National political reporter Matt Viser breaks down the numbers - delegates and fundraising - to explain why the Republican race could extend all the way to the Convention in August. 



  • Santorum's faith isn't driving vote of Catholics: Even though Rick Santorum is a faithful Catholic, he is not attracting Catholic voters. Romney actually does better among this religious group. Political correspondent Shira Schoenberg explains. 

  •  Taking measure of health and wealth: Columnist Joan Vennochi addresses the issue of health care inequality - and whether Romney would be as opposed to his universal health care plan model for the U.S. if he didn't have wealth, giving him access to the best medical care for his wife, who suffers from MS.


  • Four female GOP leaders endorse Childs: Four major Republican women stepped up to endorse Dr. Elizabeth Childs yesterday. Childs is campaigning to fill the Congressional seat that will open up when Rep. Barney Frank retires.  

  • Ocean planning and Massachusetts: National security columnist Juliette Kayyem writes about a federal proposal to govern the ocean waters in an effort to monitor how we use them for fishing, drilling and other projects. It's modeled after a Massachusetts plan. Why are many so opposed?