Freedom Action Urges Senators to Vote for More Energy and Against Corporate Special Interest Subsidies

Freedom Action will key vote several amendments to the Senate highway bill, S. 1813, in its 2011-12 Affordable Energy Congressional Vote Ratings.  Freedom Action sent an action alert to grassroots activist members across the country this afternoon urging them to e-mail their Senators on these key votes.

Freedom Action urges a Yes vote on the following amendments that will increase access to affordable energy or end harmful subsidies that benefit corporate special interests at the expense of taxpayers and consumers:

  • Senator Vitter's Amendment #1535 to allow increased oil drilling in federal offshore areas
  • Senator Hoeven's Amendment #1537, which will approve the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Senator DeMint's Amendment #1589 to end all energy tax subsidies
  • Senator Collins's Amendment #1660 to delay implementation of the EPA’s Boiler MACT Rule
  • Senator Roberts's Amendment #1826 to expand energy production on federal lands and for other purposes

Freedom Action urges a No vote on the following amendments that will continue or expand harmful subsidies to corporate special interests and decrease access to affordable energy:

  • Senators Menendez and Burr’s Amendment #1782 to provide tax credits for natural gas trucks and filling stations
  • Senator Stabenow’s Amendment #1812, which would extend energy tax credits for a number of different industries, including wind power
  • Senator Wyden’s Amendment #1817 to further delay permitting the Keystone XL Pipeline

“Whether any of these amendments reach the sixty vote threshold required for passage by Senate rules, this series of votes on pro- and anti-energy amendments will put every Senator on record on some of the most critical economic issues affecting American consumers, workers, and taxpayers,” said Myron Ebell, president of Freedom Action.  “At stake is whether Americans will have a future of abundant, affordable energy or whether the federal government will continue to subsidize uncompetitive energy sources that actually raise energy prices.

“The Senate has a choice between adopting policies that will benefit all Americans by increasing energy production or that will use taxpayer dollars to enrich billionaire crony capitalists like T. Boone Pickens and George Soros,” Ebell concluded.

Freedom Action’s alert to members may be found here.