American Principles Project - Responding to Bernanke on Gold

Dear Monetary Policy Observer

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently caused a stir in a speech at George Washington University in which he defended the break with the gold standard.  APIA has been among the leaders in challenging Bernanke’s remarks.  Here are a dozen responses by APIA staff and advisors to the Chairman together with a sampling of additional responses by other notable monetary policy commentators.
compiled by our executive director, Andy Blom


Nicholas Arnold
American Principles In Action

By APIA Advisors and Team.
1.      Charles Kadlec, The Paper Dollar Is Systemic Risk
2.      James Grant, Zero Hedge, Remarks to the NY Fed
3.      John Tamny, RCM:  Ben Talks Down the Gold Standard
4.      Brian Domitrovic, Forbes, Ben Bernanke’s Views on Gold Are Rather Passe
5.      Rich Danker, The Hill, Benanke vs. gold: a rebuttal
6.      Rich Danker, TGSN Blog, Who Should Run Monetary Policy, Bernanke or the People?
7.      Ralph Benko, Roll Call.  Bernanke Debates Bernanke
8.      Ralph Benko,  Romney v. Obama, the 2012 Election May Hinge on the Fed  
9.      Ralph Benko, TGSN blog, Ben Bernanke's "The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis"
10.    Ralph Benko, TGSN Blog: Ben Bernanke: Savior or Soft Central Planner?
11.    Ralph Benko, TGSN blog“The Road to American Prosperity Cannot be Paved with a Cheap Dollar.”
12.    Ralph Benko, TGSN blog,  Cost of Gold Standard: 0.05% not 2.5% GNP (posted, publication pending)

Other Commentators
1.      NY Sun
2.      George Selgin
3.      Nathan Lewis
4.      Jacob Hornberger
5.      Mike Shedlock
6.      James Pethokoukis
7.      Victor Sperandeo
8.      Douglas French
9.      Paul Nathan
10.    Daily Reckoning
11.    Kathleen Packard
12.    View From Abroad (blog)
13.    New Austrian School of Economics