Kevin Smith Announces Part II of NH's Future is Now plan: Health Care and Energy

Kevin Smith announces plan to lower 

health care and energy costs for businesses and consumers

expands on plan to rebuild and strengthen the state’s economy

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor, released Part II of his ‘New Hampshire’s Future Is Now’ plan to rebuild and strengthen the state’s economy and to create new jobs. Smith made the following statement:

“One of the major cost drivers for employers – large and small – is the expensive nature of New Hampshire’s health insurance and electricity rates. If we are to take a serious approach to creating new and sustainable jobs in our state, we must reduce these costs of doing business. Today, I’m expanding on my ‘New Hampshire’s Future Is Now’ plan to address both health care and energy related policy that has stifled growth and stability for businesses in our state.

“For example, government intrusion in the health care marketplace has led to unnecessary and burdensome regulations that increase insurance premiums. Many small businesses can’t afford to offer health insurance, because of the countless coverage mandates required of insurance plans. Why can’t a small business with only three employees obtain a plan that does not include certain coverages if it’s not needed and the employer and employees are willing to opt-out? Mandates like this can increase costs by $500 or even $1,000 per month in premiums. Small businesses should at least have an option to offer an alternative and affordable plan for their employees."

“Reducing government mandates and unlocking the free market will greatly improve competition, choice and price. By doing so, employers – especially small businesses – will be freer to invest and grow their operations, and hire new workers."

“I’ve spent the past several months speaking to business owners and workers around the state. Without question, the cost of health care and electricity has been a consistent source of frustration for both employers and employees alike. That is why my plan addresses health care and electricity costs."

“Last month, I offered a specific plan to reduce our state’s tax burden on businesses. But, we can’t stop there. In order to ensure that New Hampshire becomes an economic leader and magnet for new business, we must also lower the cost of health care and electricity. As governor, I will work to address each and every area of policy that hinders investment and growth by Granite State businesses.”


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