NH GOP - Liberal Lee Nyquist: An Obama-Hodes Donor

Nyquist Can’t Hide Behind Phony Label As “Self Described Moderate”

Concord, NH – As Lee Nyquist starts to put together his campaign for Senate District 9 as a “self described moderate,” he should start explaining his recent history of supporting far left liberals like Paul Hodes and tax-and-spend Democrats like President Barack Obama.  In 2008, liberal Lee Nyquist donated to Hodes, a liberal who supported Speaker Nancy Pelosi 95 percent of the time, and also in that year he contributed to Barack Obama’s candidacy for president. 

“Lee Nyquist is only fooling himself if he’s going to run a campaign about his so-called ‘moderate’ record,” said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald.  “He’s an enthusiastic liberal who has a history of supporting other out-of-touch radical Democrats who support ObamaCare, the failed stimulus bill and the spending that’s added to our nation’s debt problems.”

In February, Nyquist told the New Hampshire Union Leader that he’s a “self described moderate. . . .” (John DiStaso, “Veteran Attorney, Democrat Nyquist Eyeing State Senate Run,” New Hampshire Union Leader, 2/16/2012)

Does liberal Lee Nyquist regret financially supporting Paul Hodes and Barack Obama?  Or will he embrace his record as supporting liberals?