ALG's Daily Grind: Obama's cynical mortgage bailout vote-buying scheme

April 10, 2012


Obama's cynical mortgage bailout vote-buying scheme

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again is the Obama mantra when it comes to its many failed foreclosure "prevention" programs.


Video: The 'Occupy' Movement Lives On, But Are They Paying Taxes?

It seems like the "Occupy" crew is yesterday's news. Yet, there are still some hanging on. By the way, how many of them are paying the taxes they often say they want to see get raised?


GOP 2012 Nomination Race: The End Is Near

Romney is now openly bragging that it is nearly impossible for any of the other candidates to pass him in the race for convention delegates.


Call for Transparency in Collective Bargaining Advances in Louisiana

New Louisiana legislation would have subjected public sector collective bargaining sessions to open meetings law requirements, but lawmaker compromises to get some public scrutiny rather than none.