Carol Shea-Porter - Rep. Guinta asks Federal Government to ignore his vote

New Hampshire-   Today, former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, who is running for the NH-01 Congressional seat, released the following statement concerning Representative Frank Guinta's letter to House and Senate leadership regarding automatic defense sequestration cuts.

"Congressman Frank Guinta is once again trying to hide his irresponsible record on defense cuts. He first led our country to the brink of default by refusing to raise the debt ceiling until the last second, causing a downgrade in our credit rating and insisting on the tea party Republican provision that there be a super committee that must cut defense and domestic programs if they cannot compromise.  Republicans refused to compromise, and now he asks the government to refuse to carry out the blanket defense cuts he voted for.  His uncompromising extremism and irresponsible votes hurt defense and national security, and I worry about the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard."