CEI Today: EPA price for nothing, free market environmentalism, and law school subsidies


Globalwarming.org: EPA Math: Nothingness in North Dakota Is Worth $12 Million/Year

How much would you pay for nothing? Personally speaking, I wouldn’t pay a single cent for zero returns, and I think most Americans would agree. It is this shared sentiment that compels me to feel bad for North Dakotans, because EPA is forcing them to pay $12 million annually, for nothing.

I am not exaggerating. EPA last Friday promulgated a final Regional Haze regulation for North Dakota, which requires almost $12 million in annual compliance costs, in exchange for “benefits” that are literally invisible.

I’ve written about the Regional Haze rule many times before on this blog (see here, here, here, and here). It was created by the Congress in 1977 amendments to the Clean Air Act. Its purpose is to improve visibility at federal national parks and wilderness areas. The hallmark of the Regional Haze provision is the unique degree of primacy accorded to the States over EPA. Because Regional Haze is an aesthetic regulation—and not a public health regulation—the Congress intended for the States to be the lead decision makers. > Read the full story on Globalwarming.org


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Free Market Environmentalism? It'll Never Fly, Orville!


Much has been written over the role of increased wealth in advancing environmental health: think sanitation, reduced waste, streamlined manure-free transportation; even the green-ness of cities compared to their reputation.

Still, the presumption remains that free market capitalism pollutes and destroys; that “sustainable development” is something other than what markets can do of their own accord.

A problem with this impression is that most areas where environmental destruction is rampant are those where property rights are absent or confused, and a “tragedy of the commons” prevails: Airsheds, watersheds, public lands, endangered species come to mind. > Read the full commentary on Forbes.com

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Grow Economy by Cutting Law School Subsidies

Under the Obama administration, the Education Department has poured increasing amounts of financial aid into law schools, while seeking to cut vocational education needed to train certain kinds of skilled factory workers who are in short supply, impeding the expansion of factory operations that would also provide jobs to many unskilled workers.

The leftist law professors who dominate many law schools openly teach law students a
contempt for property rights, the rule of law, and the free-market system, telling them that a lawyer’s role is to be “either a social engineer or a parasite on society.” Many law schools are more like incubators of evil than centers of learning. Based on my experience as a graduate of Harvard Law School, much of what law schools teach their students is useless drivel, as some law professors themselves have conceded. Imagine how much more economic growth there could be if taxpayers no longer subsidized law schools and their indoctrination of students in left-wing group-think. > Read more at Openmarket.org

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