NHDP Chair Condemns Canterbury Rep's Attack on People With Disabilities, Rape Victim

Kries says rape victim "had her entire life to get used to being called defective"


CONCORD - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley today strongly condemned a Canterbury Republican's language attacking a rape victim with

disabilities, and called on the Speaker to take action to discipline him.


"Does Bill O'Brien support further traumatizing rape victims? Does Bill O'Brien support calling people with disabilities names like defective?" Buckley asked. "This behavior is outrageous and insulting."


"Bill O'Brien is quick to punish legislators who 'offend' him by voting against him. Will he now punish legislators who offend the people of New Hampshire by attacking rape victims and people with disabilities?" Buckley asked. "O'Brien needs to take action now."


This is not the first time a member of the O'Brien legislature has launched attacks on people with disabilities.


Rep. Marty Harty ultimately resigned after saying that people with developmental or intellectual disabilities should be "shipped to Siberia."


According to the Lobby, The House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee was today holding a hearing on replacing the term "mentally defective" in the state's aggravated sexual assault law. Law enforcement and county attorneys urged the change following a 2011 case involving Richard McDonald where the term was used in reference to the victim.


According to the Lobby, Rep. Ken Kreis of Canterbury said the victim was 29 years old and ''had her entire life to get used to being called defective.''


Rep. James Antosz of Epping also supporting keeping the phrase, saying "defective" and "retarded" are "just words."


The House Criminal Justice committee had originally supported the bill eliminating the term "mentally defective," but the bill was returned to the committee, reportedly at the request of House Republican leadership, according to the Lobby.


"Who are these people? They do not represent New Hampshire values," Buckley said.