NHDP - Tea Party Ticket on the GOP Ballot in District Nine

Voters in State Senate District Nine won't be fooled by Bill O'Brien's radical Tea Party agenda that puts politics before their own interests


CONCORD - The state Republican Party is attacking long-time District 9 resident Lee Nyquist to distract from the Tea Party radicals running to represent the Republican Party, said Collin Gately, spokesman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


"Lee Nyquist will focus on supporting businesses' efforts to create jobs and build the economy," Gately said. "The Tea Party trio is focused on eliminating the state's responsibility for education, overturning consumer protections and meddling in women's health care."


Three Republicans have announced plans to potentially run: Senator Andy Sanborn, who doesn't even live in the district; Rep. Ken Hawkins and Rep. John Cebrowski.


Sanborn has never lived in there. In fact, as of three weeks ago, he still didn't.  It was reported in the Union Leader on March 29th that he "expects to relocate from his home in Henniker to Bedford."


"As Sanborn is new to the area, he can find a link to a map that is clearly marked with the route from Henniker to Bedford here," Gately said. "Instead of attacks, perhaps Sanborn should first learn how to get to the district."


Ken Hawkins and Cebrowski, recently voted in the House to let oil companies take pre-buy money from consumers and never deliver their oil, a bill pending in the Senate. All three voted to let out-of-state companies charge 300 percent interest rates on loans. 


"Sanborn, Hawkins and Cebrowski are standing up for Bill O'Brien's radical Tea Party agenda and not the voters of New Hampshire," Gately said. "Why else would a Bill O'Brien rubber stamp and a carpetbagger be on the ticket, unless politics, and not the voters of District 9, were their top priority?"

Hawkins and Cebrowski votes: HB581, 1/4/2012, SB160, 1/4/2012 

Sanborn vote: SB160, 3/21/2012