CEI Today: DOJ's Apple lawsuit, union corruption, and EPA's fight against federalism


CEI.org: Justice Department Should Drop Apple Lawsuit

The Justice Department sued Apple and several publishers on Wednesday, alleging the firms colluded over e-book pricing. CEI policy experts Wayne Crews and Ryan Young believe the lawsuit is a mistake.

Wayne Crews, Vice President for Policy: “The complaint against Apple seems to be that collusion and smoke-filled rooms paved the way to a deal by which Apple gets a 30 percent cut of the publishers' e-books sold for Apple devices, while other vendors are forbidden from selling below that pre-specified price. Such ordinary business deals, you see, involve a now-disparaged free market instrument called a ‘contract.’

“This arrangement appears to have been a normal response to Amazon's deep discounts of e-books below physical book prices. DoJ's solution is presumably to stop free enterprise, and allow Amazon to dominate e-books? Now, thanks to DoJ getting involved, competitors need not respond to to Apple and the publishers to better serve consumers and shareholders.”

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New York Post:
On the waterfront - Mob stench still fouls New York Harbor

As he tries to clean house at the bloated Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, new PA chief Pat Foye’s thorniest problem will be the docks — where the International Longshoremen Association fights to preserve the old, corrupt ways.

Some of the outrages are outlined in last month’s report from the bistate Waterfront Commission, which found the port’s financial and management practices to be “dysfunctional.” Others have turned up in court testimony.

How bad is it? Consider: Last year, the Port Authority, in accordance with state regulations, asked the ILA for a list of candidates to fill 60 baggage-handler and driver positions. The union’s list turned out to have just one non-white on it.


That prompted the Waterfront Commission, which is mandated to ensure fair-hiring practices, to ask the ILA to certify that it doesn’t discriminate against minorities. > Read more at Nypost.com

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Globalwarming.org: How EPA Uses “Sue and Settle” Agreements To Steal Power from the States (and what the Congress is doing to stop it)


In late March, the House Judiciary Committee passed H.R. 3862, the Sunshine for Regulatory Decrees and Settlements Act of 2012, by a 20-10 vote. If enacted, the bill would make it more difficult for the Environmental Protection Agency to negotiate “sue and settle” agreements that effectively exclude States from environmental policymaking, in seeming contravention of the Clean Air Act. By making these “sue and settle” agreements more transparent, H.R. 3862 would spur a welcome rebalancing of American environmental federalism.  > Read the full commentary on Globalwarming.org

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