Benson: Kevin Smith is Republican Party’s strongest candidate; has the right ideas and experience to be the governor New Hampshire needs

MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire, announced that former Governor Craig Benson has endorsed his candidacy. In a statement, Smith offered the following comments:

“I'm proud to earn the support of former Governor Craig Benson in my campaign. Governor Benson's record of fiscal discipline, his efforts to reform state government, and his longstanding devotion to fostering entrepreneurship in our state set an example that has been sorely lacking for the last eight years."

Former Governor Craig Benson made the following statement regarding his support for Smith:

“Kevin Smith is a very capable individual who I believe is the Republican Party’s strongest candidate for governor,” said Benson.  "He is the only candidate with a long-term vision to rebuild our economy and education system around new industries and exciting technologies that will lead to better jobs and help keep our young people here in New Hampshire.”

Benson added, “The quality of Kevin’s experience in and out of state government is a unique asset in this race, and I’m confident that he will provide the bold, decisive leadership that our state needs and wants. More than any other candidate, he has been offering specific ideas for retooling the state’s economy and renewing New Hampshire’s economic advantage for the 21st Century.”

“Kevin is principled and determined, and he knows how to build support in order to accomplish goals. I’m looking forward to helping Kevin Smith become our next governor,” said Benson.

Smith said, “I’m running a campaign focused on specific solutions for unlocking New Hampshire’s economic potential and making us a leader in the region and nationally. Governor Benson knows what’s needed to improve the business climate in our state and to create an environment in which real and sustained job growth can be achieved. I’m grateful for his support and advice in my campaign, and I look forward to engaging the voters of New Hampshire in a vigorous discussion about the solutions I'm offering.”

On Monday, Smith’s campaign rolled out the second part of a four-part plan to tackle job growth and to create greater economic opportunities for businesses by lowering health care costs and electricity rates in the state.