NHDP - Kevin Smith Claims Ethically Challenged Craig Benson as His Role Model

CONCORD - Kevin Smith today proudly claimed the support of his ethically challenged former boss and mentor.


In announcing the endorsement, Smith said, Benson "set an example that has been sorely lacking for the last eight years."


"Craig Benson and his administration were known for their ethics scandals, their inability to work with anyone - including fellow Republicans - and its extreme social agenda," said Collin Gately. "The people of New Hampshire voted out Craig Benson's disastrous ways, and we can't afford to bring them back."


For the last eight years under Governor Lynch, New Hampshire has had one of the nation's lowest unemployment rates and been routinely named among the safest states, most livable states, healthiest states and best state to raise a child.


In addition to serving on Benson's personal staff and as a member of Benson's inner circle, Smith also worked as the executive director of the far-right Cornerstone Action, and as a lobbyist for the anti-equality National Organization of Marriage.


"Like Smith is trying to do now, Benson once claimed he was running on an economic agenda - and then pursued a far-right anti-consumer, anti-choice, anti-equality agenda," Gately said. "We will not be fooled by Kevin Smith and Craig Benson."