Respected North Country activist and commentator Susan Bruce endorses Jackie Cilley for Governor

(Conway) Columnist, respected blog editor, and radio commentator Susan Bruce has endorsed the candidacy of Jackie Cilley for governor. A long-time columnist for The Conway Daily Sun, editor of leading Democratic politics log Blue Hampshire, and regular guest on Arne Arnesen's politics talk show "News, Views, and Blues" on WNHN, Ms. Bruce has established herself as an important opinion leader in New Hampshire's North Country in the 28 since she first moved to North Conway.  She announced her endorsement on Blue Hampshire this morning.

"We're going to need a tough leader…Someone who has a proven ability to work hard, and fight for what is right. Someone who loves every part of our state. I believe that leader is Jackie Cilley, and I'm proud to support her candidacy for governor of New Hampshire," said Ms. Bruce in her endorsement, adding "Jackie Cilley is the embodiment of the American dream. No matter how modest our beginnings, we're all supposed to be able to grow up, work hard, get an education, and become a success. That's the promise of our nation."