RNC - Buffett Rule "Total Sham," "Total Hoax" ... Welcome To NH VP Biden

Good Morning – Not such a great morning for Vice President Biden and the Buffett Tax.  As he heads into NH today to campaign on the Buffett Tax, there are a few things greeting him: a new web video from the RNC, New Hampshire’s paper’s blasting the Buffett Tax calling it a  “total sham” and a “total hoax,”  and gas prices are 21.7 cents higher than they were just 1 year ago 

Welcome to NH Mr. Vice President, I’d be frustrated too.


NEW WEB VIDEO:  WMUR’s Political Scoop Blog previews the RNC’s new web video, From 'Hope' To Hypocrisy: New Hampshire Edition,” ahead of Biden trip.

Union Leader Editorial: The Buffett Rule: A total sham

The Buffett Rule is not about math or fairness or shared sacrifice. It is simply a cynical ploy to buy the votes of the ignorant and gullible.

Foster’s Daily Democrat Editorial: Buffett Rule is a hoax on voters

Buffett, schmuffett, President Obama's Buffett Rule has nothing to do with fairness, despite what Vice President Joe Biden might say today when he visits Exeter.

The Buffett Rule is about class warfare as is much of the president's re-election bid to date (i.e. the alleged war on women). It is also about distracting voters from the Obama administration's mishandling of the economy.

As Vice President Biden speaks today, he will do so against the backdrop of a stock market on a roller-coaster ride.

Foster’s Daily Democrat Op-Ed: Obama-Biden's 'Politics of Distraction'

By, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus