RNC - ICYMI: Highlights from RNC Press Call on VP Biden's Trip to New Hampshire

Highlights from Conference Call on Biden's Trip to New Hampshire with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, NH GOP Chairman Wayne MacDonald, U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta (NH-1) and NH Senator Sharon Carson


RNC Chairman Reince Priebus:

"...I think it's pretty funny that he chose the 'Live Free or Die State' to promote a new big government tax gimmick and I'm confident that Granite Staters in particular, they'll see through this transparent effort to, that at the end of the day, just divide voters.

"Obviously the president isn't just talking about fairness when he does twenty campaign trips across this country, what he's really wanting to do and what he's really trying to accomplish is create a campaign theme that will ultimately divide people in this country, which is the objective of Barack Obama. It's the administration's focus, I believe, that he wants to wage a class warfare, and that's the only card left in Obama's hand and that's a tax. We think that this plan is going to backfire however and especially when you look at new polling showing that independents actually favor economic opportunity.

"The new Washington Post-ABC poll shows that Obama is struggling to shake blame for the economy and Americans still feel like our country is on the wrong track. It's official. Gas prices have grown more under Obama than they had under Jimmy Carter. Instead of talking about the real issues to turn our economy around, Vice President Biden is here today campaigning on a Buffett tax hike, which will do almost nothing to solve the out of control spending of the administration.

"Four years ago, President Obama came to New Hampshire promising hope and change. I think it's pretty clear that was all an act. The president put in place policies that hurt our economic recovery and New Hampshire can't afford four more years of this irresponsible fiscal management style of this president. President Obama and Vice President Biden can't run on their record of failure, so instead they've chosen to wage class warfare, pitting groups of Americans against each other in a cynical attempt to make us forget about all of his broken promises. This is the absolute worst kind of politics and I don't think the American people or voters in New Hampshire will be fooled by this."


NH GOP Chairman Wayne MacDonald:

"The president may have won here four years ago but I think that these continuous trips by the White House show how Obama and Biden are worried about New Hampshire, especially since Obama's favorability is below 50 percent. This trip reiterates the many reasons why he's struggling to gain traction in the Granite State. When you think about Obama's record he's looked to government to solve our problems at every single turn. Never mind that his solutions like ObamaCare and the Stimulus have made matters worse, voters here have an overwhelming distrust of government and the role it should play in our lives.

"Now, he is talking about this Buffett Rule. This is just as phony as his 'Hope and Change' slogan four years ago. He has made a mess of our nation's books with more spending and a national debt of over 15 trillion dollars. What's one of his solutions? Raise taxes. Raise taxes on employers and job creators. The so-called Buffett Rule is not just wrong, according to the Wall Street Journal it amounts to one-tenth of one percent of the $1.2 trillion dollar Obama budget.

"Obama and Biden are simply refusing to force government to live within its means and instead are looking for more of the people's money to spend on a never ending growing government bureaucracy. This is unacceptable."


U.S. Rep. Frank Guinta (NH-1)

"When I first started my tenure representing New Hampshire in Washington a little over a year ago, our deficit was at about $1.5 trillion. Thanks to the policies that we've put in place in the House, the curbing of spending we have saved $300 billion. We just passed our second budget, one last year, one this year that will continue, if put in place, would continue to reduce that deficit through pro-growth policies, through reforming the tax code making it fairer and flatter for every American, giving it more predictability for job creators and we would see sometime next year about a reduction to $780 billion. So, the policies we've been putting in place in the House, despite the fact that we still have a Democrat led Senate, and a White House that chooses to focus on regressive tax policy.

"We have been able to reflect what the country asked for in 2010 in stopping our spending, reducing our debt and deficit and having long term economic growth through new policies on taxes as well as regulatory reform...

"I would certainly join as a member of Congress with the Senate and the president and vice president in looking at good sound economic policy that broadens the base, flattens the code, makes the code fairer and simpler and gets rid of certain loopholes, reducing the rates. The things that we proposed in the budget this year out of the House Republican budget that did again pass...

"Last year the United States Senate took a vote on the president's budget proposal, it got zero votes. This year...the House took a vote on the president's budget, it got zero votes. There isn't support for the president's policies amongst Republicans or Democrats in the House or the Senate. So we are looking for new leadership, responsible leadership in looking at long term debt and deficit reduction..."


NH State Senator Sharon Carson:

"I don't believe that this rule will gain any kind of support here in New Hampshire. In the last election the electorate overwhelmingly sent a message to Concord to say we are tired of being over taxed. We are tired of fee increases. We want the spending to stop. Those of us that did get elected we rolled up our sleeves...We came up with a budget that we actually cut and we decided that we were going to live within our means. That's what we have done and it has actually paid off. We now currently have a $17 million dollar surplus and I think that is what Washington needs to do. Led by the president they need to come to some sort of an agreement about a budget.

"There are so many people in this state that are very frustrated that the president can't get a budget passed. We haven't had one in four years. They have to roll up their sleeves and the Republicans in Washington have tried that on a number of occasions. It's time that the Democrats and the president come to the table make the hard decisions and get this country back on the road to fiscal health just like we've done here in New Hampshire."


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