AFP - 530 billion new reasons to repeal ObamaCare

race yourself.

Yesterday, an outside analyst from George Mason University predicted ObamaCare will add $530 billion more to the deficit than Congress expected over the next ten years.

President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress—who forced ObamaCare through without reading it, on a narrow party-line vote—might like to call their favorite bill the “Affordable Care Act,” but it’s anything but affordable for average Americans like you and me.

Robert, that’s why I’m so proud AFP activists have been the leaders in the fight against ObamaCare for almost three years.

In fact, two weeks ago, AFP hosted our “Hands Off My Health Care” rally on the steps of Capitol Hill. We knew it was going to be a big rally, but even we were amazed when over four thousand Americans showed up to tell Congress and President Obama that we haven’t forgotten about the damage his policies have brought to America.

The first person I saw at our rally, Jason Hoyt—a great tea party leader from Orlando—had driven through the night from Florida.  And, over 100 folks from Michigan left in buses at 10pm the night before. And despite a flat tire at 1:45am, they were determined to make their voices heard.

Robert, you want to see the difference we're making in defeating ObamaCare?

Just yesterday the Washington Post/ABC News Poll was release showing that public support for the legislation is at the lowest point ever:  just 39%.

And even President Obama knows it, which is why he started bullying the Supreme Court, our nation’s impartial umpire, that they had better keep ObamaCare on the books… or else.

But we need your help right now to help us get over the finish line—and start our efforts to roll back all of President Obama’s dangerous liberal agenda once and for all.

Please click here to contribute just $5 or $10—or whatever you can afford right now—to help us continue to win the fight against President Obama’s disastrous policy agenda for America.

Robert, time and time again, AFP has been the most successful group in the fight for economic freedom. That’s why President Obama called AFP the Left’s “biggest problem” back in 2010. And that’s why his 2012 reelection campaign’s very first TV ad this year attacked AFP. Plus Obama’s campaign is circulating an online petition to try stop our momentum.

And let me tell you again: President Obama and the liberal Left have every reason to be concerned about the grassroots impact that AFP activists will have on his Leftist policies this year.

We’re nearly done with launching our game-changing 2012 Field Program, with more than 55 of our eventual 75 field coordinators already on the ground across the country in towns and communities like Peterborough .

They’re already working to coordinate phone-banking, door-knocking, and other tried-and-true grassroots tactics that will mobilize our 2 million activists—and attract even more Americans who haven’t yet joined our fight for economic freedom.

Robert, this is a fight that hits close to home for me, because I don’t want my four teenage kids to inherit a future burdened by unlimited government spending and a massive national debt. And I know you don’t want your own children or grandchildren living in an America where our best days are already behind us.

But we can’t continue to build momentum, and continue to turn the tide on failed policies like ObamaCare without your immediate help today.

Please click here to contribute $5 or $10—or whatever you can afford right now—to Americans for Prosperity.

Robert, thank you for everything you’ve helped us do over the last three years. And I know that, at the end of the day, we will win the fight for the future of America—and celebrate the permanent return of economic freedom.


Tim Phillips, President
Americans for Prosperity

P.S. With ObamaCare already running $530 billion in the red, we’re counting on the immediate help of activists like you to turn the tide on President Obama’s runaway liberal agenda. Please click here to send your immediate donation of $5 or $10 to AFP today.