NHDP - A Tea Party Grows in District Five

Rep. Osgood joins Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith in listing overturning employer-employee contracts as top priority, not the economy, if elected


Concord - Today, State Representative Joe Osgood announced he would run for state Senate in District 5 with a focus on attacking the rights of workers and businesses, instead of creating jobs.


"Osgood has thrown in his lot with Ovide Lamontagne and Kevin Smith in making it clear that if elected they will push through bills that would have the state overturn agreements between private employers and employees," said Collin Gately, spokesman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.   


Though 'right-to-work,' which has already been vetoed by Governor John Lynch, has strong opposition from the public and only marginal support from the New Hampshire business community, it has strong support from Bill O'Brien and his Tea Party allies.


Osgood has repeatedly shown that his loyalty is with the Tea Party and not with the voters of his district.


"In the House, Osgood has voted to let oil companies take pre-buy money from consumers and never deliver their oil; he voted to let out-of-state companies charge 300 percent interest rates on loans; and to levy a tax increase that led to job losses at Dartmouth Hitchcock, one of the region's largest employers," said Gately.


In addition to cutting higher education funding in half, Osgood also voted to repeal universal kindergarten and to repeal a law designed to keep kids from dropping out of high school.




Osgood Votes: HB581, 1/4/2012; SB160, 1/4/2012; HB 1, 3/31/11; HB631, 2/23/11; HB429, 3/15/2011