NHDP - Rep. Antosz Defends Calling Those with Metal Illness "Defective"

NHDP Chair again calls on Speaker to take action to discipline him


CONCORD -- A Republican representative is defending his comments about the use of the term "defective" to describe a rape victim, even as Speaker Bill O'Brien has remained silent.


Saying that words such as "defective" and "retarded" were "just words," State Representative Jason Antosz defended his comments in an exchange online yesterday.


According to The Lobby, the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee recently held a hearing on replacing the term "mentally defective" in the state's aggravated sexual assault law. Law enforcement and county attorneys urged the change following a 2011 case involving Richard McDonald where the term was used in reference to the victim.


According to The Lobby, Rep. Jason Antosz of Epping also supported keeping the phrase, saying "defective" and "retarded" are "just words."


Later, the Epping Republican was called on, via Facebook, to support the removal of the words.  In response, captured on the blog Miscellanyblue (in the comments), a user of the site identifying himself as Rep. Antosz defended his harmful statements.


"Bill O'Brien has been quick to punish legislators who 'offend' him by voting against him. Will he now punish legislators who repeatedly and unapologetically offend the people of New Hampshire by attacking rape victims and people with disabilities?" Buckley asked. "O'Brien needs to take action now."


During the same hearing, Rep. Ken Kreis of Canterbury said the victim was 29 years old and ''had her entire life to get used to being called defective.''


"This behavior is outrageous and insulting.  These legislators in Bill O'Brien's House do not represent New Hampshire values," Buckley said.


The exchange between Rep. Antosz and the commenter can be seen below as well as in a subsequent Miscellanyblue post.



"I went to Rep Antosz's reelection FB page to tell him that the words were cruel and inappropriate and should be removed from the statute. He responded: " 

Seriously? Political correctness when does it end? Keeping the word "Defective" beused in a court of law of someone who is mentally or physically handicapped as a victim of a felonious sexual assault. What will we change it to in 5 years? . . ." He also told me that although he believes in Right to Life, but only as long as you are "unborn." Apparently in his book, the sanctity of life and the right be treated with dignity and respect no longer apply. Oh yeah -- he's since removed our exchange and reset his Facebook page to eliminate the option to leave comments or ask questions. So much for the courage of his convictions."


Rep Jason Antosz:

Allison, I have more courage then you'll ever know, you were out of line on where you posted your personal opinion, (aka attack) a personal Facebook re-election page is not the place. Anyway this has been on the Nh law books since 1997 No NH Democrats seem to care about removing it? until now? and now say its necessary based on emotion not logic or benefiting the assault victims prosecution of the criminal, by the way committee testimony was not given by any NH Law enforcement agency.  But by a Domestic Assault organization lobbyist/activist, she is a Democrat and one gentleman from an attorney lobbying group.  To be honest I am "defective" disabled, impaired, whatever you wish to call it to make you feel better about my insecurities, by way of 14% of my left knee per the NH Dept of Labor and it is "my" personal choice whether to take offense to a "word" used in a court of law, but being offended by, changes nothing regarding my condition, nor does it remedy it. We need, all in all, attitude changes and an end to discrimination, not discrimination and bad attitudes covered up with "preferred" language, to where in years to come will then become offensive