PSN Response to ALEC: "Clearly Feeling the Pressure"

New York, NY – Progressive States Network Executive Director Ann Pratt issued the following statement today in response to comments yesterday by ALEC Executive Director Ron Scheberle:

Yesterday’s statement from ALEC shows that the controversial corporate front group is clearly feeling the pressure from the increased public attention on their secretive activities and hurtful policies in recent weeks. How else to explain claims that are so divorced from reality?

They claim to be focused on ‘developing effective public policies,’ despite allowing corporate special interests the opportunity to author legislation that benefits their own bottom lines. They claim to be ‘more interested in solutions than rhetoric,’ despite backing symbolic, rhetorical resolutions intended to inflame on issues such as health care. And they claim to want ‘job creation and improved dialogue,’ despite supporting tax policies that have starved states' economies of jobs, increased historic levels of income inequality, and devastated the economic security of the middle class.

Progressive States Network was founded seven years ago with a single mission: to connect and support the work of responsible, forward-thinking state legislators across the nation who wanted an alternative to the destructive policies of ALEC.

Over the past seven years, over one thousand state legislators from every state in the nation have partnered with Progressive States Network and our allies to counter ALEC’s destructive influence in the states. They’ve supported health reform and its effective implementation, helped to change the debate over the Iraq war, and started to turn the tide on the wave of destructive attacks on immigrants, workers, women, and voters that overtook statehouses following the elections of 2010.

This national community of state legislators focused on practical solutions and true economic security for their constituents is growing every day as they see more and more of the damage that ALEC’s corporate-backed policies have wrought. As the true nature of ALEC's mission continues to be exposed, Progressive States Network stands fully committed to continuing to support the critical work of these and other responsible legislators across the nation.

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