SUFNHF to NOM: Peddle Extreme Tactics Elsewhere; Threats to Lawmakers Won't Work in NH

SUFNHF to NOM: Peddle Extreme Tactics Elsewhere; Threats to Lawmakers Won't Work in NH

Concord, NH- Confirmation of the unseemly role anti-equality outsiders intend to play in New Hampshire this Fall was revealed today in full page ads in several of our state's leading newspapers.  The Washington, DC-based, National Organization for Marriage -- which spent over $2M to influence our state elections in 2010 -- is now rolling up its sleeves and emptying its treasury to defeat fair-minded Republicans who voted in the majority to defeat repeal of our freedom to marry law.

"NOM has never cared about what the people in New Hampshire want," said Craig Stowell, Republican co-chair of Standing Up for New Hampshire Families.  "They've mocked every poll that's found a super-majority opposed to repeal.  And now NOM's back to threatening our independent-minded lawmakers who are part of the most representative Legislature in the country.  This is the same group that we recently learned strategized to pit African American voters against gay voters- a move denounced by every person and organization dedicated to fair elections, free of name calling and scapegoating."

We promised to stand with those lawmakers who simply saw what the rest of New Hampshire saw -- regular people and real families who go about their daily lives like everyone else.  Marriage equality has only accomplished one, fundamental principle -- and that's treating all of our families equally and fairly under the law.  Nothing more and nothing less."