DNC - What ELSE is Mitt Romney Hiding?


Broadcast link: http://my.democrats.org/page/-/flash/video/20120416_DNC%20VIDEO_WHAT_ELSE_IS_MITT_ROMNEY_HIDING.mov

What else is Mitt Romney hiding? That's what the Democratic National Committee asks in a new web video released today.  In case you're keeping count at home, the list has gotten quite long: bundlers; tax returns; investment details; hard drives and email servers; and now we learn the policies he would pursue as president, which he'll only discuss if you're a high dollar donor.  Mitt Romney has gone to great lengths to hide his personal financial records, his record as governor of Massachusetts, his volunteer fundraisers aka "bundlers", and his policy proposals - leaving us to wonder, what ELSE is Mitt Romney hiding?

This is a theme we'll continue to drive this week with conference calls and events in key states hard hit by the foreclosure crisis and fighting to maintain education funding, where voters will have an interest in Romney's secret plans to gut federal housing and education programs. Events and conference calls are planned throughout this week to address Romney’s penchant for secrecy in CO, MI, OH, FL, NV, NH, MN, MA.  As long as Mitt Romney tries to hide, we will continue to press this.