NH House Speaker Forms Re-Election Committee and Announces Campaign Chairmen

CONCORD – House Speaker William O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) today announced his candidacy for re-election as representative in his House district of New Boston and Mont Vernon and as Speaker of the House.  In forming this re-election campaign, the Speaker also announced five co-chairmen of the campaign, Speaker Pro Tempore Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett), Municipal and County Government Committee Chair, and Finance Committee Vice-Chair Lynne Ober (R-Hudson), Ways and Means Chair Stephen Stepanek (R-Amherst), House Republican Alliance Co-Chair Marilinda Garcia (R-Salem) and Freshmen Republican Caucus Co-Chair Dan Tamburello (R-Londonderry).

House Speaker William O’Brien

“I look forward to having an open conversation with the citizens of New Boston and Mont Vernon, and with my colleagues of the House about the important issues facing New Hampshire and the extraordinary achievements of this legislature.  I appreciate the support of those who have stepped forward to be co-chairmen of my committee and I will work hard to earn the trust of my constituents and my fellow representatives.  We’ve accomplished some great things, in terms of creating an environment to grow jobs, making government live within its means and bringing accountability back to Concord, and we will continue these efforts in the next biennium.”

Speaker Pro-Tempore Gene Chandler

“We should focus on the good things Republicans have done in the House this session such as passing a balanced budget, living within our means without raising taxes, and easing the burden on businesses. In other words, we as Republicans have done exactly what we promised the voters we would do and that is why I am supporting Rep. O’Brien in his bid to be re-elected Speaker.”

Rep.  Lynne Ober

“When Republicans took office, state government had grown by 25% in the past two budgets. To pay for this increase, we saw over 100 new or increased taxes and fees passed by Democrats, which were crippling our ability to be competitive. Speaker O’Brien has been a focused leader and led New Hampshire back to the path of fiscal responsibility. Since Republicans came into leadership, 10,000 more Granite Staters are now working, 4,500 fewer citizens are unemployed, there are 43 fewer regulations on our employers and 11 tax decreases have been implemented. Before the last election and the work done under this Republican majority, we were 50th in the nation – dead last – in business taxes. We’ve now improved to 46 – we need to re-elect Speaker O’Brien so we can continue to improve and build upon these successes.”

Rep. Stephen Stepanek

“With Speaker O’Brien, it has been promises made, promises kept.  His direction has been absolutely critical to the ability of the House to deliver an honest, balanced budget that doesn’t raise taxes and fees.  We said we would have realistic revenues, and we’ve done that.  We’ve also said that we would make our state business-friendly and we have taken huge strides in that direction.  Speaker O’Brien’s leadership has been the difference in many of the historical changes that have taken place in state government and he’s restored New Hampshire values back to our citizens.”

Rep. Marilinda Garcia

“New Hampshire needs Speaker O’Brien to continue his extraordinary efforts to make New Hampshire government responsive, efficient and effective.  The Speaker’s first two years have put us back on the tracks, but we need him for at least two more years to ensure we continue down the track of fiscal responsibility.  His commitment to protecting our financial and personal freedom is what separates him as a leader.  Speaker O’Brien knows that government is not the answer and that our ‘Live Free or Die’ motto should resonate throughout our actions.  There is a lot more work to do, and he is the right person to set the direction for the state.”

Rep. Daniel Tamburello

“Speaker O’Brien has be an effective leader in uniting a large majority in the House behind the core Republican principles of limited government, low spending, liberty, and supporting a healthy economic environment for small businesses to bring jobs to New Hampshire. Last election the voters sent a clear message about the direction of the state when they elected not just a majority of Republicans, but a supermajority of focused, fiscally responsible representatives who are committed to a number of clear goals. Most importantly, the voters told the House they were tired of "business as usual" and fiscal irresponsibility. With Speaker O’Brien’s continued leadership, we are on our way to restoring and preserving the New Hampshire Advantage.”