NHDP - NH Can't Afford Two More Years of "Speaker" O'Brien

CONCORD - New Hampshire can't afford two more years of Bill O'Brien's radical Tea Party agenda, said Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party.


"As Speaker, Bill O'Brien has pursued a radical agenda: cutting funding for higher education in half, cutting health care for seniors and children, pushing for guns in college dorm rooms, as well as the State House, and trying to cut access to contraception for women," Buckley said. "New Hampshire can't afford two more years of Speaker Bill O'Brien."


According to a recent UNH poll, voters have named the legislature under Bill O'Brien as the second-biggest problem facing New Hampshire (http://unh.edu/survey-center/news/pdf/gsp2012_winter_govapp020612.pdf ).


In addition to his efforts to enact the Tea Party agenda, O'Brien has become known for his tyrannical attitude and disregard for long-established House rules and traditions - pushing through a vote to override the Governor's veto without public notice; taking away aisle seats from disabled members who displease him; and removing from committee members that vote their consciences.


The Concord Monitor recently wrote: "O'Brien's portrait as speaker is a self-drawn caricature of vindictiveness and power run amuck."