NHDP -Ayotte Votes Against Buffett Rule

CONCORD - As she voted against tax fairness and the Buffett rule yesterday, Senator Kelly Ayotte once again proclaimed her support for the Romney-Ryan budget and cuts to Medicare.


"Kelly Ayotte is voting for tax breaks for millionaires, while supporting cuts to Medicare for seniors," said Raymond Buckley, chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party "Kelly Ayotte says it's right for Mitt Romney and millionaires to pay lower tax rates than most working people in New Hampshire."


Yesterday, Ayotte voted to block a vote on the "Buffett Rule," aimed at ensuring millionaires don't pay lower effective tax rates than middle-class families.


At the same time, in this morning's Concord Monitor and Union Leader, Ayotte defended her support for the Romney-Ryan budget, which would provide additional tax cuts for millionaires while cutting funding for education and eliminating Medicare and replacing it with a voucher program.


Yesterday's vote to block consideration of the Buffett rule is part of a pattern by Ayotte of putting special interests before New Hampshire families. While she claims she opposes all subsidies, Ayotte recently voted to support retaining $4 billion in subsidies for the oil industry, even as the oil companies rake in record profits from American consumers.


"Kelly Ayotte is standing up for tax breaks for millionaires and subsidies for oil companies, not New Hampshire families and workers," Buckley said.