ALG's Daily Grind: Obama's manipulation

April 19, 2012

Obama's manipulation

Was Obama manipulating the market by denying the Keystone XL pipeline that will allow the vast oil reserves in Alberta, Canada to reach the market, and increase the overall supply of oil?

Video: Obama's Blunders-Gov't vs. Internet

The Internet has been a great technology to build business in the last 20 years. That is perhaps the main reason it is being targeted by the government. Check out this parade of blunders from the Obama Administration with regards to the net.

Hippie Earth Day!

Throughout the years Earth Day has become a day for reminding those Americans who dare to drive non-hybrid SUV's or refuse to install cumbersome solar panels on their roofs they are endangering the welfare of the planet. 

Casey: The Coming Currency Wars

"Why Fed officials' suggestions that a third round of stimulus is possible may have sent emerging market central bankers into a cold sweat."