Andy Martin - NH Superior Court Justice rules in favor of Republican candidate

(CHICAGO) (April 19, 2012) Republican Presidential candidate, New Hampshire corruption-fighter and conservative blogger Andy Martin won a landmark court victory in the New Hampshire Superior Court when Justice Larry M. Smuckler ruled in Andy’s favor and forced the New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney to release files concerning the sale of Tillotson Trust property which Delaney was fighting to keep secret.

Andy is based in Chicago and New York (see bio below) and now maintains a public service office in New Hampshire.

“During the course of the presidential primary campaign and in my final message to New Hampshire citizens (the video is available on my web site, see above) I promised New Hampshire residents I would not abandon my public service efforts on their behalf after the primary.

“I conducted a Superior Court hearing on January 18th, and Justice Smuckler thereafter ruled in my favor concerning the release of documents involving the sale of The Balsams. (Justice Smuckler also ruled financial reports were subject to an exemption, and that statutory exemption concerns me.)

“I continue to believe the Tillotson Trust is being corrupted and mismanaged to benefit insiders and in violation of the intent of Mr. Tillotson who created the Trust. I am also convinced the New Hampshire Attorney General is failing to properly administer and supervise the Charitable Trust Unit and has engaged in fraudulent and corrupt official conduct.

“Nevertheless, I won a landmark victory when Justice Smuckler ruled that the secret files concerning the purported ‘sale’ of the landmark hotel, The Balsams, must be disclosed. I have received those documents and they are being reviewed by my office. The Attorney General had tried to bar me from examining The Balsams sale records.

“My political activity is based on a 46 year record of public service and public integrity. I made promises in New Hampshire and I kept those promises. I will continue to keep those promises to the People of New Hampshire. We will soon be back marching against the Northern Pass high voltage line proposal. The investigation of Tillotson Trust corruption and maladministration will continue, as will our efforts to seek justice and to expose the New Hampshire Attorney General’s corrupt activity.

“The fact that I prevailed in a New Hampshire court in a face-to-face confrontation with the Attorney General’s office attests to the strength of my legal arguments, my preparation and my courtroom presentation. I do not exaggerate or inflate my litigation experience. Not many lawyers could manage and conduct litigation in courts from one end of the nation to the other.

“In a few days we will be in Hawai’i fighting to open the public records of that state. Stay tuned.

“Candidates like to tout their experience. I am probably the most successful public interest lawyer in America today and am handling cases from Hawai’i to New Hampshire. My lawsuits since 1969 have helped change the face of American law. People are often confused by ‘public interest’ litigation. Since we are always fighting ‘city hall’ and entrenched state and federal government interests, we can’t win every case. That would be impossible. But we focus sunlight on the dark corners of American government; we help others to expose public corruption and maladministration.

“I am very proud to be standing tall for the People of New Hampshire and I will continue my efforts on their behalf. The Tillotson Trust scandal and The Balsams scandal are major corruption scandals in American public policy today.

New Hampshire does not appear to have a local cadre of public interest lawyers who can stand up to fight political and official corruption. We are filling that gap,” Andy says. “We have achieved our results despite an iron curtain of secrecy which New Hampshire media have imposed on my corruption-fighting activity in New Hampshire. It makes you wonder whose side the media are on, the good guys or the bad guys.”

A copy of the court ruling is attached to emailed versions of this news release.

The [New Hampshire] Superior Court is a statewide court of general jurisdiction and provides jury trials in civil and criminal cases.