CEI Today: Highway bill, Upside-Down Constitution, and the Water Desalinization Act


CEI.org: Highway Bill Needs Real Reform, Not Politics as Usual

The House is set to consider yet another extension of 2005’s SAFETEA-LU surface transportation law. The current extension, which is the tenth since the law expired in 2009, is set to expire on June 30.

While the purpose of tomorrow’s
Rules Committee hearing is ostensibly to enact another extension to continue existing highway program funding through the rest of Fiscal Year 2012, proponents of the Senate-passed MAP-21 bill are working overtime to push their deeply flawed legislation into conference.  > View more on CEI.org

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CEI.org: Tuesday testimony before the House Water & Power Subcommittee, on Reauthorization of the Water Desalination Act of 2011


Occasionally the problem confronting research isn’t market failure but the failure to have markets. “Doing something” about legitimate water needs is not the same as spending money and initiating research and education. When linking research to human needs and promoting infrastructure, capital markets trump the legislative process  — or if not, policy should shift to ensure that they can.

Interestingly, the dollars allocated in the various federal desalination acts over the decades seems to total perhaps a few billion. But removing barriers to private researchand manufacturing could yield far greater gains than relying upon appropriations that invite rent-seeking and that may threaten safety improvements.  
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> Interview Wayne Crews, author of Ten Thousand Commandments: An Annual Snapshot of the Federal Regulatory State


Video: The Fred Weekly

Fred Smith reviews Michael Greve's book, The Upside-Down Constitution, and explains why America may be experiencing another "Constitutional" moment today much like our founding fathers.


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