CEI Today: UK carbon footprint, compulsory speech, and profiles in liberty


Globalwarming.org: Despite Kyoto, UK Carbon Footprint Bigger than Ever

The European Union (EU) preens itself on being the global leader in the fight against climate change. EU politicians scold the USA for ’failing’ to ratify Kyoto Protocol and enact cap-and-trade. Within the EU, the UK champions the most aggressive climate policies. So the UK’s carbon footprint must be shrinking, right?

Not according to a new report by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra). > View the full commentary on Globalwarming.org

> Interview Marlo Lewis



Spectator.org: Compulsory 'Free' Speech


What is free speech? Is it the right to speak out and give money to causes, politicians and push ideas? Is it the ability to keep silent and not support that with which a person disagrees? Or is it the power of a group to force its individual members to fund political causes and candidates they do not support?

On April 9, attorneys for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 (IUOE) argued that Indiana's Right to Work Law infringes on their free speech rights because -- get this -- it deprives them of the dues mandated from workers by "agency shop" provisions. > Read the full commentary on Spectator.org

> Interview Vincent Vernuccio


AFF's Profiles in Liberty: F. Vincent “Vinnie” Vernuccio

Attorney and labor expert, F. Vincent “Vinnie” Vernuccio is currently heading up the labor policy team at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). He is the creator and editor of CEI’s labor news websiteWorkplaceChoice.org, home of the acclaimed Big Labor vs. Taxpayer Index which “comprehensively ranks each state on 23 individual aspects to determine the degree to which states favor organized labor and which favor taxpayers.” > Read more at Americasfuture.org


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