CEI Weekly: Happy Tax Day!

Friday, April 20, 2012



Feature: Tax Day was Tuesday, April 17th.

FEATURE: Happy Tax Day!


Americans suffered through yet another Tax Day this week. Doing your taxes is an exhausting process---and when you're finally done, chances are  you owe the federal government a fat check. Warren Brookes Fellow Matt Patterson talks about what the federal government is doing with all those tax dollars in "The Tax Man Cometh -- and Taketh."







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April 19, 2012: Right to Work Laws and Compelled Speech


Indiana is becoming a right to work state, which means unions will no longer be able to force workers who don’t want their representation to pay dues. Labor unions argue that this violates their right to free speech. Labor Policy Counsel Vinnie Vernuccio argues that taking away the power to collect mandatory dues is actually good for workers and unions alike. Workers will no longer be forced to pay for representation they don’t want, or political agendas they don’t support. Unions will also have to pay more attention to representing their members’ interests so workers will want to pay dues.