NH House Sponsor of Bill to Dissolve Chancellor’s Office Comments on Senate Taking Action Today

CONCORD – Rep. Robbie Parsons today released the following statement on HB 1692, which would dissolve the University System Chancellor’s Office. The bill is up for a vote in the Senate Finance Committee today.

Rep. Robbie Parsons:

“When the Chancellor’s office was first created in 1965 it had one employee. Unfortunately, like all government bureaucracies that office has grown to over 70 people. House bill 1692 helps to rein in frivolous and duplicative bureaucracy in the name of making sure that New Hampshire students’ tuition dollars are not being wasted.

“More autonomy in the university system would allow each school to best design a product to serve their students.  Not every school is the same or attracts the same clientele.  

“This bill puts $15 to $20 million back into the University System that we expect to go toward tuition decreases for New Hampshire students and their families. We must put more money toward reducing tuition and eliminating unnecessary and inefficient administrative overhead. The university system is a collection of state schools that need to focus on their fundamental mission of a good college education for a reasonable tuition that will not burden its student years following their graduations. We hope the Senate Finance Committee today will join with the House and give a favorable recommendation to House Bill 1692.”