NHDP - For District 2, What a Difference a Year and a Half Makes

Forrester announcing re-election on record of supporting Tea Party, not district


CONCORD - In office for less than two years, Jeanie Forrester has already racked up a record of putting the Tea Party agenda before the interests of the people of District 2.


"Jeanie Forrester has continually put the Tea Party agenda ahead of the interests of the people of District 2. Jeanie Forrester voted to allow companies to charge consumers 300 percent interest rates; to cut funding for higher education in half; and to cut support for local schools," said Collin Gately, spokesperson for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "She even voted for an unconstitutional House redistricting plan that stripped away representation from towns in District 2.


"The voters of District 2 deserve a representative who will serve their interests, not the interests of the Tea Party and the GOP elite," Gately said. 





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