NHDP - O'Brien's Corruption of Power

Dear Friend,


On Monday, House Speaker Bill O'Brien announced he is running for another term in the House and another term as Speaker.


As Bill O'Brien continues to promote his reckless agenda, people from all across New Hampshire are taking notice and standing together to say "enough is enough." It's time for us to take New Hampshire back to the mainstream.


Donate today to stop Bill O'Brien and his quest for a second term as Speaker.


In his announcement, O'Brien stated he wants to have a conversation about the "extraordinary achievements of this Legislature." Unfortunately for Bill O'Brien and his cronies in the legislature, families across New Hampshire are paying attention to the "extraordinary achievements" of the Tea Party-led legislature and they are fed up.


O'Brien vowed to focus on the economy like a laser. But he has instead corrupted the legislative process to pursue a radical Tea Party agenda out of step with New Hampshire values. An agenda aimed at:

  • Allowing guns on college campuses
  • Cutting higher education funding in half, while cutting the tobacco tax
  • Repealing a decade-old law guaranteeing access to contraception for women
  • Defunding Planned Parenthood
  • Passing new laws aimed at restricting choice and access to reproductive health care
  • Limiting the right to vote
  • Giving himself subpoena power
  • Attempting to repeal marriage equality
  • Waging war against public employees and worker's rights to organize