US Rep Bass Statement on Passage of Small Business Tax Cut Act

WASHINGTON – Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) submitted the following statement for the Congressional Record today regarding H.R. 9, the Small Business Tax Cut Act, which passed the House this afternoon by a vote of 235 to 173, with one Member voting present.

Bass’ statement for the Record follows:

“Today, I had the privilege to honor and remember the life and heroism of Greenland Police Chief Michael Maloney.  We will always be grateful for his service to the community and the sacrifice he made protecting each and every one of us.  My heartfelt condolences are with his family and colleagues during this tragic time.

“My attendance, however, precluded me from being present for the vote on H.R. 9.  Had I been present, I would have serious reservations about supporting this bill, not because I am against tax cuts for small businesses, but because I believe it is time for Congress to move away from a tax code that is filled with a patchwork of temporary provisions – for both businesses and individuals – that leads to an overly complicated and unfair tax system. 

“As someone who owned and helped run a small manufacturing business, I understand the pressures every small business faces each day, whether it is trying to ensure you have enough orders to keep people employed, making payroll each month, complying with onerous and unnecessary regulations, or ensuring your small business can compete in the global economy.   I would be the first person to say we must lower taxes for small businesses, which are the primary job creators in New Hampshire, but this is not the way it should be done.

“We need to do it in a manner that is part of a larger tax reform package that will eliminate loopholes and deductions so we can broaden the tax base and lower rates across the board.  This will not only help small businesses pay lower taxes, but also prevent companies from being able to maneuver through the tax code in a manner that allows them to pay zero taxes.  It is time Congress takes responsibility and shows leadership by working in a bipartisan manner to simplify our tax code so that rates are lowered across the board for individuals and all businesses, loopholes are eliminated, and the base of taxpayers is broadened in order to provide real certainty and a globally competitive playing field for all New Hampshire and American job creators.”