ALG - Florida environmentalist conqueror goes national

Americans for Limited Government announces launch of Free Market America

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April, 20, 2012, WASHINGTON, D.C.—On Earth Day, 2012, Americans for Limited Government will be working with Free Market Florida to launch Free Market America—a new national voice dedicated to defending economic freedom against the wrath of the far-left green movement. 

ALG President Bill Wilson explained the importance of the group going national,stating, "Free Market America will take a no-holds-barred approach to confronting the economic train wreck that the environmental movement is creating.

"We will combine new and traditional media to defeat green schemes at the national level, just as Free Market Florida has done in the Sunshine State."

Free Market America introduced itself to the American public with a 30 second ad that will air nationally on Earth Day promoting their stark and stunning four-minute video titled, "If I wanted America to fail…".    The video reveals the danger that the far-left green movement poses to American competitiveness and prosperity. A national media buy will promote the video over the Earth Day weekend.  The video is inspired by Paul Harvey's classic essay, "If I were the devil", which was published in 1964.  Paul Harvey updated and re-published the piece in 1996. 

The launch video highlights green policies ranging from the full-on assault on domestic energy to the war on farming, forestry and mining—all in the name of the "greater good."

"We're excited about joining the national debate," said Ryan Houck, executive director of Free Market America.  "The environmental agenda has been infected by extremism—it's become an economic suicide pact.  And we're here to challenge it."

Free Market America began as Free Market Florida.  In 2010, the group led an unprecedented statewide coalition that soundly defeated a Sierra Club-backed constitutional amendment known as "Hometown Democracy."  After an historic victory, the group went on to tangle with EarthJustice and the EPA over a battery of new federal regulations labeled the "Water Tax."

Wilson introduced Free Market America in an Earth Day opinion piece published today in Investor's Business Daily online, laying out the costs of environmental extremism to our nation's freedom.

"Free Market America is a battle-tested, proven winner in the never-ending fight against the environmental lobby, which hides behind a veneer of green sympathy," Bill Wilson concluded, "we will be exposing the real damage that is being done to working men and women across America by those who worship at the green altar."

The website will go live on April 22, and the group can be followed on twitter @FreeMarket_US.


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