ALG's Daily Grind: Every day is Earth Day--for Obama

April 20, 2012

Every day is Earth Day-for Obama

ALG's list of top 10 earth-related faux pas committed by the EPA, U.S. Forest Service and many other overreaching government agencies and programs.

Cartoon: Worshipping at the Altar of Radical Environmentalism

The hard left sacrifices to its god.

Big brother is watching you, and picking your pocket

Can we trust those who are supposed to be watching out for our safety?

Mish: IMF Chief Jackass Calls for Taxpayer-Funded Bank Recapitalisations to Avoid Painful Deleveraging; Mish Says Fire the Parasites and Disband the IMF

"In addition to getting rid of the BLS, the BEA, and the census bureau, we also need to get rid of the Fed, the department of energy, student loans, crop subsidies, the small business association, Davis-